Yearbook – all seed preserved by the organization and its members will be offered in the yearbook, for a symbolic price. In this way all the seeds will be open to the public. In this way we will empower people to save their own seeds. The yearbook is a meeting place where gardeners share what they have grown, and learn from others with similar interests. It is mailed in late January.

news letter- is published two times a year (Spring and Harvest) and brings you the latest news on all the happenings at the Farm, updates on sustainable farming practices, profiles of members, and gardening and seed savings tips.

While receiving the above benefits, members are also supporting our preservation mission at the Farm. Today, endangered varieties are maintained here. This includes members’ family heirlooms, varieties dropped from commercial seed catalogs, and traditional varieties from around the world. Our genetic preservation projects have been designed to maintain our country’s vanishing garden heritage.




Members will receive three annual publications heirloom seed Yearbook, Spring Edition, and Harvest Edition. In addition members will receive the sustainability Box with books seeds and some gardening equipment.


  1. Membership Israel – one year, 200 shekel.
  2. Membership Israel – three year, 500 shekel
  3. Membership  oversees – one year, 300 shekel.
  4. Membership oversees – three year, 750 shekel